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This is your space- we are co-creators working together to ensure that your time is spent working towards the goals that you would like to achieve. If you don’t have specific goals in mind, I can help you explore that too. I tend to think of our space as brave- collaboratively building a space that you feel brave to bring your full authentic self into. This space holds no judgment, open dialogue and vulnerability. You don’t need to show up on day one knowing exactly what you want, nor do you need to be prepared with a list of items to talk about. We can collaborate together. 

I believe in ensuring that we are a good fit for each other, so I offer a 15 minute free consultation with no commitments attached. If you feel that we won’t be able to work together, I am open to referring you to a therapist that may better suit your needs.

Fee: $90 per 50-60 minute sessions, $110 for 80-90 minute sessions. 

*If cost to therapy is a barrier, I offer sliding scale (lower cost) services to a limited number of clients.

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