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How to Prepare for EMDR Therapy

Trying EMDR for the first time can be intimidating. Or maybe you have done EMDR and want to prepare better for the next session. Here are a few tips to help you feel more at ease.

Preparing for EMDR Therapy

Be Honest.

Ideally, you feel comfortable enough with your therapist to be honest with how you feel prior to your first session. Talking with them and letting them know about any anxiety that is coming up for you can help you to process. This may also open a conversation to gain a better understanding of EMDR.

Tend to Yourself

Daily care for self is always important- but add in a few extra steps the day before or the day of session. Pause for a moment and ask yourself what act of care you need most. Physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, environmental, mental. Check out this Wheel of Wellness to help get some inspiration for different types of self-care.

Some ideas for self-care: go on a walk, stretch, talk with a friend, journal, create art, meditate and deep breathing exercises are all great ways of caring for yourself.

Include Your Support System

Let your supporters know beforehand that you are starting EMDR therapy and that you may want to talk about it after session. If no one comes to mind who can be this support- write down your thoughts and bring them in to the next session.

Plan the Day of Session

Planning out the day of the EMDR session and anticipating your needs can help reduce stressors. For example, having an important deadline or pressing matter right after the session can be a distraction during EMDR.

Sit down for the session a few minutes early and practice deep breathing. After session, you may feel sensitive or tired- so plan for more self-care afterwards. This can be moving things off your schedule so that you have little to no responsibilities following the session.

Looking for an EMDR trained therapist? Remarkable Wellness is offering virtual therapy for clients residing in Texas.

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