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Mental Health & Wellness Counseling

Accepting clients in Texas (1)
Accepting Clients in TX
About Me

“Be who you needed when you were younger”- I heard this quote when I was a 19 year old girl trying to figure out my path. Coming from a family who suffered from addiction and mental health disorders, I knew my life would be dedicated not only to my own healing but helping others to heal as well. I chose to become a social worker because I resonate with the values of social work which I felt best aligned with my personal values. 

My Approach

Clients consider me as a holistic therapist as I focus on your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. I go beyond “talk therapy” and use integrated methods in my practice (e.g. somatic, EMDR, mindfulness based and multi-sensory). I strive to co-create a non-judgmental and compassionate space for healing.

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Getting Help

Making the commitment to yourself and personal growth can be intimidating. It takes courage! My philosophy as a therapist is that everyone has unique inner power to accomplish any goal we set forth. Sometimes, this world can make us forget those powers. I am here to help you uncover those strengths. 

Areas of specialty: 


Grief and Loss




Individual Therapy

This is where all of the magic happens. Dedicated space, just for you to be your authentic self to heal, grow and thrive. 


Three or more make a group! I offer support groups, workshops and and ecotherapy (nature therapy) groups. 

Wellness Resources

Here are some of my favorite free resources for incorporating more wellness into your daily life. 

Veterinary Social Work

This is a specialized area of social work that I am proud to offer. I can support with pet loss grief, dealing with terminal illness and decision making. 

Therapy Sessions
“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”

Brené Brown

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